Caleb Rivera

17 Years old

Living in Seoul, South Korea

Aspiring fitness Entrepreneur

When  you think of a 17 year old, what is it that first comes to mind? The typical high school jock? The oh so iconic class nerd? The troublemaker? Whatever your assumptions, put those aside for one second and let me tell you who I really am.

My name is Caleb Rivera and as a junior last year I was plagued with the question of who am I, and what is my purpose in this world? My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t find this out until it was too late and that my life will have just been a waste. A mere spec in the world.

Throughout this time God was preparing me for what I now know to be my calling. I have been given a passion for fitness. It is a passion that burns within me and that I want to share with the whole world.

I am on a mission. What mission could a 17 year old possibly have you ask? My mission is to make an impact on this world and to reach, motivate, and inspire as many people as I can through fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.