Dieting Strategies Pt. 3

In the last two articles we have covered two of the most influential and growing dieting strategies used in the fitness industry which were intermittent fasting and flexible dieting (IIFYM).

This next dieting strategy may be a bit controversial or it may just be the thing that you have needed to kick your metabolism into overdrive and finally shed that last bit of unwanted fat that your stomach has been holding on for dear life!

Have you ever heard of the saying that eating fat will make you fat? I referred to this in my last post however in this article we are going to look at it from a different angle. Fat does not make you fat and according to a fairly new dieting strategy called the Ketogenic Diet, eating what you would normally consider extremely high fat, moderate protein, and little to no carbs can actually improve fat loss results.

First off the Ketogenic diet or Keto for short is a diet based around fats with about 65-70 % of your daily caloric intake coming from fats, 15-20% from protein, and around 10% or lower from carbs. Normally the body would use carbohydrates to energize the body however when on a ketogenic diet the body reverts to producing ketone bodies to replace the glycogen and carbohydrates that the body once used for fuel.

Ketones are the result of the body when on low caloric intake or low carb diets and indicate the bodies change in energy use and production. They are fatty acids that are produced by the liver in the environment of low carb or calorie restrictive diets. So how are ketones and the ketogenic diet beneficial to you and your fat loss crusade?

The first benefit of the Ketogenic diet is that it can help aid in weight loss and lower insulin resistance! Due to the lack of carbs in the bodies system a lot of water weight is lossed initially. Due to the excessive amount of calories and refined/processed carbohydrates consumed in today’s society the way the body reacts to foods and carbs is much different. Overweight people are more insulin resistant than a fit and healthy person is, this means that the body already has stored glucose away and it can no longer store anymore. The body continues to release insulin in an effort to decrease the bloods glucose levels and if not stopped this vicious cycle can lead to diabetes.

Here is where the keto diet comes in handy. By restricting carbohydrates insulin is no longer needed as much as it was beforehand and this in turn lowers the bodies need to produce insulin which lowers insulin resistance.

The second benefit of the keto diet can benefit most people who have been through countless crash diets and calorie restrictive regiments and that is the keto diet helps to better satiate the body. Have you ever noticed how hungry you are after eating a big meal of carbs? There are 4 calories per gram of carbohydrates compared to fats 9 calories per gram. Even though you could be eating the same amount of calories as a person eating tons of carbs you in turn may be more satiated because of the caloric density of fats. Who wants to be hungry while dieting, certainly not me.

The third benefit and by far the most profound of the ketogenic diet is that it can help cure epilepsy as well as some cancers. According to a study that was reviewed by the  JAMA Network patients that suffered from seizures were placed on keto diets for 3, 6, and 12 months. The results were astonishing and at the end of the 12 months the patients showed no signs of seizures.

Whether you are a person trying to better you health or loose those extra pounds the ketogenic diet can prove to be extremely beneficial. It is a strategy that I would highly recommend for anyone and  is a strategy that I have tried myself with great results! Until next time, continue to Live Strong and better yourself each and everyday!

JAMA Network Study





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