Are You Really Healthy and Fit?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a healthy person or a fit person for that matter? Is it the image of the 6 ft. tall guy with the perfect tan, abs, and overall great muscular developement?

While many people would choose this example as the poster boy of fitness, the question I want to ask is: Is he really “Fit” or even healthy for that matter?

When typed in on google the definition of fitness was “the condition of being physically fit and healthy” and the definition of health was “a persons mental or physical condition.” The one thing that stuck out to me right away was the inclusion of both physical and mental condition in both definitions. Being truly fit and healthy means not only do you look good, but your body feels good and can perform just as well.


So you can bench 225 for reps or you can squat 300 pounds, so what! That doesn’t actually mean you are truly fit. It will definitely help in achieving your physique goals, however, it’s missing something. When approaching fitness many people choose to focus on one aspect such as weightlifting or running and they neglect all other forms. In doing this it makes them strong in some areas, but also weak in other areas of their fitness. Being fit is about being able to do a wide variety of things not just lifting heavy weights or running for a long time.The definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity’s.” CrossFit athletes, whether you love them or hate them, can lift heavy weights all while having the well rounded athletic ability to run ten miles and still be able to do insane amounts of repetitions and exercises. Functional fitness is a great indicator of someones fitness level. While people may be physically fit in some areas of their life they are extremely lacking in other areas. When it comes to fitness the eyes can be deceiving. Just because someone looks physically fit doesn’t mean they truly are.


Just as fitness isn’t solely dependent on whether you can lift heavy weights or run for a long time, being truly healthy isn’t all about skipping out on the all you can eat fries deal that your friends are capitalizing on and opting for the salad. While the definition of health does include what you put into your body it can also be defined as mental health or whether or not your body is in a state of well-being. So many people make the common mistake of severely reducing calorie intake and eating salads all day or doing copious amounts of cardio and make the misled connection that they are “healthy.” When in actuality they are starving their bodies and minds of the proper nutrition that they need to sustain good health. While calorie restriction can lead to weight loss it is important to remember that there can be an unhealthy amount of calorie reduction that can lead to poor mental and physical health. True health is all about finding the correct balance both physically and mentally.

Being both physically fit and healthy is very important in our everyday lives. It gives us the energy we need to carry out daily tasks such as washing the dreaded laundry, staying awake in your least favorite class, and even spending time with the people you care about. When approaching health and fitness don’t make the mistake of putting them into two separate categories. They are one in the same and should be treated accordingly.


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